Special Announcement

Sacred Heart Parish School

Sacred Heart Parish School, a Catholic Elementary School within San Benito County, serves students preschool through eighth grade.

We are committed to teaching the Gospel message of Christ, building community based on Jesus' command to love one another, and serving through prayer, worship, and social action. We provide an environment within which students receive training in our Catholic tradition.

We strive to develop competent and compassionate graduates through spiritual, academic, and extracurricular programs. Students are empowered with leadership skills, values, and character traits to enrich personal living and develop as responsible, mature, faith-filled citizens.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations


  • Actively participate in Mass, religious studies and Catholic traditions
  • Using different types of prayer to show reverence for God's creation, self, family, and others
  • Having a basic knowledge of the teachings, doctrine, and practices of the Catholic Church


  • Showing grade level proficiency in core subjects
  • Using technology responsibly as a tool for learning
  • Using study skills wisely

Responsible Citizenship

  • Reaching out to serve others
  • Demonstrating self control and responsible behavior
  • Knowing that individual choices impact the world socially and environmentally

Effective Communicators

  • Effectively present ideas with confidence and poise in a variety of situations
  • Expressing written thoughts clearly, using correct grammar and mechanics in diverse forms and for different purposes
  • Utilizing technology effectively